History of the Club

In 1988 Jean Loeckx, a succesful breeder of Bullmastiffs, called some bull owners together to found the Belgian Bullmastiff Club. Their goal was to protect the breed and give guidance to the owners.
It was not very easy to round-up Bullmastiff owners. The Bullmastiff population in Belgium is relatively small. But thanks to the energy and the enthousiasm of our president we started our small club with about 50 members.

On the very first show, we organised in August 1988, only 25 dogs were registered! But it was a first step and now we would see how far we could get. We organised social evenings, walks with the dogs and of course more shows.In the mean time we started a digital club magazine.

We have always been very careful in the choice of the judges and we have been lucky to be able to invite well known referees, specialised in the Bullmastiff. This has certainly contributed to the growing success of our shows. The biggest success was definitely our first “Molosser Show” at the occasion of our 10th anniversary, with participants from France, Germany and Holland.

Another highlight was on our 30th anniversary to organise the BMWC in 2018 with 140 bullmastiffs entered !!

With or without your dog, you are always welcome.

The board


Inge Leys

Vice chairwoman

Barbara Stevens


Valérie Bosseaux


Francis Lauwers


Tom Van Gaever


Main member

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  • Yearly club show
  • Club meetings
  • Meet other Bullmastiff lovers
  • New years reception

Family member

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  • Family discount


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